Monday, May 29, 2006

''Coffee: The Video Game'' - 8 Bit Brewing Glory!!

Coffee The Video Game pic 1
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So I was going through a box containing my old Atari and NES ( Nintendo Entertainment System) video game cartridges. Then, nostalgia and inspiration struck. Obviously what the coffee industry needs is to get hip and create a fantastic liquid coffee based video game. My self in my love for 8bit games have come up with the preliminary concept ideas and and concept-art: The Story: A bag full of used coffee cups headed for the city dump accidentally is thrown off the road (near Hanford) and lands into an old bin of toxic waste creating a race of evil-twisted-street-killer-mutant-ninja-vampire-world-dominating-coffee-cups!! Only a band of super baristas can save the day! I know what you're thinking "That is absolutely fantastic! " And you're right it is. After years of playing video games in the early 90s what other conclusion could I come to? I'd say it's some kind of pure genius synthesis. If anyone from Nintendo wants to contact me feel free to drop a comment.


Blogger Charlie said...

Lol careful, someone might take you up on the offer and offer you the capitol to develop such an idea or to buy the intellectual rights at least...

11:49 AM  

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