Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Fix Me Up!

``The Fix'' pic 6
Originally uploaded by Mr. phelps.

Coffee Carts and the Seattle Coffee Scene are icons that just naturally stick together. Surprisingly, in recent years the cart scene seems to be on the decline (even in the summer season when getting coffee outdoors is such a pleasure) making the operational carts that are left a local rarity and a prize. This coffee glory can be said about “The Fix,” a fantastic cart south of the Montlake Bridge. Owner Kate (follower of the Dismas Smith school of espresso preparation) and her crew brave clouds, wind, and rain to serve up a caffeine fix for the masses. I had the pleasure of guest-baristaing a shot of espresso off of their La San Marco, Fun! Using True North Coffee this cart will fix you up. (click for pics)


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