Sunday, June 25, 2006

5 Leaves in a Cup

5 Leaves in a Cup
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Five leaves in a 12 ounce cup. Use all milk and all possible space. Waste not want not !

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Coffee for my Soul: El Diablo Cuban Coffee !

El Diablo Cuban Coffee pic 1
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On top of Queen Anne lies the DEVIL, of sweet coffee! That's right El Diablo Cuban Coffee a tasty wildly painted, (certainly the brightest colored coffee shop in all of Seattle) Latin vibe, tropical urban oasis. Their Mexican Mocha's are very tasty. Coffee you don't have to sin for. Click for Website.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Mercenary Barista.

Mercenary Barista
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It happens only once a year. The Fremont Solstice Parade, an event at the center of the Universe where things just go crazy. Creative energy is brought forth fresh into the land. At this very special event I was asked to help out at the Fremont Roasterie making coffee for the masses. I came I saw I made great coffee.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Coffee Roaster Trip # 1 : Brown and Company Coffee.

Brown and Company Coffee pic 5
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Coffee roasting is a delicate art and craft. It requires technical skill and improvisational mastery. To bring about the essence and flavor of the coffee bean requires serious training and constant dedication. One such roaster is Neal Brown who provides all Fair Trade all Organic Coffees to the masses. I decided to stop by and pay Neal a visit who in good nature put me to work. The end result is a tasty brew at Brown and Co. Keep up the good work Neal! Check out the Brown and Co. webpage.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Oh, Espresso !

A Cup of Espresso pic 4
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What is espresso? Many books have been written on the subject and many people dedicate themselves to realizing a better-tasting cup. A good barista is constantly striving for espresso perfection. Making espresso is a continual battle against the array of environmental factors and variables. The desired end result is similar to calculus: convergence on the limit. I equate a delicious espresso with an Aristotelian play containing three curtains: a beginning, middle, and end -- followed by a delicious lingering aftertaste. The picture above was almost converging on the limit. That cup of little brown bubbles had great extraction timing, a fantastic heavy body with a buttery mouth-feel, a subtle sweetness and a great finish. Marvelously yummy.

Saturday, June 10, 2006


Heart-Shots pic 1
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What to do with that wee little bit of left-over milk poured from a latte? Heart-Shots!! Aphrodite would approve.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Read A Book, Get Inspired!!

read a book get inspired
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Drawing from the wealth of materials around oneself can lead to creative enterprise, enjoyment, and achievement. I recommend the multitude of fantastic books as a starting place and then see what happens.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Coffee + Cake.

Coffee Cake1
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What a wonderful breakfast starter. With a combination like coffee and cake what more could a person ask for? ( Come to think of it I would ask for macchiato to go with my coffee cake, yum!)

The Oyster Latte !!!

The Oyster Latte 1
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Have you ever seen an Oyster Latte before? The Walrus and Carpenter could have used a good barista after they ate all their Oysters. Shoot down these little latte-macchiato's. (crackers not included). [To my knowledge I am the first Oyster-Barista! Arr.]

Saturday, June 03, 2006

There's a New Micro-Roaster in Town: the Fremont Roasterie !

The Fremont Roasterie pic 2
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Everyone in Seattle knows that despite science's claim that there is no center to the universe Fremont really is the center of the known universe. And now this great part of town is complimented with a tasty new urban coffee roaster. Right next to the Deluxe Junk near the Statue of Lenin in the ally. I got some of their 'Troll Blend.' Great stuff. Fantastic Minimalist Style ! Click here for pics.

Living the Good Life.

A Coffee Man.
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I qua (insofar as) Epicurean. Sophrosyne Style.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Herkimer Coffee on top of Phinney !

Herkimer Coffee 1
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I went to Kindergarten on Phinney so it's satisfying to know a great coffee shop is situated on top of my old stomping grounds. This nice little coffee shop takes great pride in their beverages. A tasty addition to the neighborhood. Check out their website.

The Right Tools for the Right Job.

A delicious latte, with proper cup, saucer, espresso tamp, and invisible espresso spoon.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Fun Wiki

tri-light latte
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A fun Seattle Wiki about coffee can be found here.

Love the Mermaid!

The Very First Starbucks
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From time to time I come across coffee individuals who portray Starbucks in a most negative light. I will call such individuals "windowsmashers" (see Seattle WTO 1999). To these individuals I must retort. I believe that such windowsmashers are simply misguided. People who like coffee should love Starbucks. Starbucks consistently pays some of the highest prices for green beans to its farmers. They create coffee house locations that people enjoy going to (creating new coffee markets in places that previously did not exist). Starbucks is a big company that strives to live up to its ideals. It produces friendly baristas and offers part time benefits. They offer great music and a wide variety of different coffees, teas, and other concoctions. The consequences of Starbucks are good. For those who absolutely need a coffee corporation to bash they are out there --do a little research -- they just don't stand out (not so green and clean as Starbucks). For the coffee enthusiast, instead of being a Starbucks hater windowsmasher, simply drink or make better coffee than Starbucks offers -economic law of supply and demand (that would be an inclusive "or" either drink or make or both.). So, to all coffee people out there (windowsmasher or not): please, love the mermaid.

Summer Time Coffee!

Iced Latte pic 1
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In the dog days of summer it gets hot. So what better to refresh and quench one's thirst than an iced latte? As a special treat I recommend an iced latte in a jam jar (frosted glass preferable): rustic yet appropriate (and they come in multiple sizes based on preference, I recommend a 5-7 oz jar). If you are willing to put in the time top off with some cold foam (or warm for variation). Goes extremely well with coffee ice cream. For me this combination is extremely relaxing while sitting outside enjoying a beautiful sunny day (satisfied with my drink and remembering my grandma's fine cooking.) Enjoy.